Review: Powerless

So I'm about to start something new!  
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Powerless: 2/5 Stars

Alright, so as soon as I saw this trailer, I thought, meh, probably not, but hey, it has Abed and "I'm a leaf on the wind" guy.  Let's give it a shot!

They each earned one star for posterity... that's all the stars :(

Sadness has ensued.  

It's about a reasonably cute, sad sac girl and her gumption.

It's not happening :(

It just kinda flows from schtick to schtick and the support characters aren't landing. 

I really hope they pull it all together, b/c I love Alan Tudyck and Dani Tudi.  Maybe if the show is cancelled, Alan and Dani could do a remake of Johnny Quest... I would watch that