The Land By Aleron Kong

The Land is an epic LitRPG Saga by Dr. Aleron Kong. The series is currently six books long and growing.

Join the exciting adventures of Richter and his allies in The Land!


The Land: Founding 

When Richter was drawn into the greatest virtual reality MMORPG ever created,it seemed like a dream come true... until he found that nightmares walked The Land.  He was confronted not only with a life and death struggle, but also with questions that would define his very soul.  


THe Land: Forging

The journey of Gripping Action, Dark Humor and Epic World Building continues here.

A village has been founded.  Enemies gather like storm clouds on the horizon, promising thunder and the lash of rain.  In the eye of the storm are two Companions, Richter and Sion.  The unlikely comrades will push the boundaries of magic and conscience.  The stakes are growing higher, and both will learn that the price of failure is high.  A price that can only be paid in blood. 


The Land: Alliances

Everything is not well in The Land.  The dead lay restless in their graves and Richter's actions have not gone unnoticed.  He arrogantly tried to create something good.  How could he not understand that the forces of destruction would demand their due...   
Richter will learn that his earlier sacrifices were nothing.  Not when compared to what will be taken.