FB Live 8.5.18

FB Live LitRPG 8.5.18

1) The Land: Predators is a finalist for Best Fantasy Novel!
Please take 30 seconds to sign up to vote :)

2) Giving away 10 FREE SIGNED copies of The Land: Founding right now lol

3) The 3rd Annual LitRPG Gala is on 9/1/18 from noon-2 at Sidebar Atlanta. Myself, James Hunter, Dakota Krout and other authors will be there. Hope we see you there!

4) Mist Village patches are for sale on the LitRPG site, www.litrpg.com/shop

5) We will be announcing the schedule for LitRPG Authors at DragonCon in a few weeks :)

6) There will be a LitRPG table at Dragon Con 24/7 with awesome exclusive loot!

Stay awesome ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FB Live 7.29.18

Hey ya'll. Normally I do a detailed Summary but SOOOO much was said lol

So let me just tell you that The Land: Predators got nominated for a Dragon Award for Best Fantasy novel!
I would really appreciate it if you could take just 30 seconds and register to vote!!!

Either way, thank you for being awesome!

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EBOOK: https://tinyurl.com/AleronReview
AUDIO: https://tinyurl.com/Book1Audio

And here is some new Art :)

Xuetrix by Daniel Pilla!


Win a Signed Copy of The Land!

Win a Signed Copy of The Land!

#litrpg #theland #chaosseeds #aleroncomeswiththefree

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Land by Aleron Kong

The Land

by Aleron Kong

Giveaway ends July 30, 2018.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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FB Live 7.15.18

We announced the winners of LAND-A-PALOOZA!!!
Every simple Adventurer won something b/c #AleronComesWithTheFREE! lol

The Grand Prize of an entire set of Signed Hardbacks and a Signed Map went to Brendon Brady!!! Congrats dude :)

Now a summary of the rest:
1) DragonCon is coming up. I'll see you there!
2) I'll also be at New York ComicCon and CONjuration
3) Working on Book 8 and hoping for a release by the end of the year!
4) Posters of the new artwork are for sale now on the LitRPG site www.litrpg.com/store
5) I reworked the website, please check it out :) www.litrpg.com
6) Box sets are for sale on the site too!
7) Maps of the Mist Village are in the works!!!!!

Thank you so much for your support ya'll! I am humbled and honored :)

As always, Peace, Love and the Perfect Margarita! lol

~ Aleron


Win a Signed Copy of The Land!

Win a Signed Copy of The Land :)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Land by Aleron Kong

The Land

by Aleron Kong

Giveaway ends July 30, 2018.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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FB Live LitRPG 7.8.18


1) Ya'll rock! The Land: Predators reached #4 in the entire Audible store


2) Hoping to have 2 more releases by the end of the year. I'll keep you posted.

3) Tank tops, cell phone cases and other new gear is on the LitRPG shop Check it out :) www.litrpg.com/store

4) Box sets of The Land are now availabe in the shop as well

5) See you at DragonCon!


Predators is LIVE on Audible!!!

It's here, it's awesome, it's 47 hours long lol!


ps - we broke the internet! lol

Book 7 crashed the internet from Benji Duncan.png

FB Live LitRPG 6.24.18

Thank you all for listening as always. You rock! :)
Please invite some friends to check out The Land! 

Now a Summary:
1) Predators Audible should be out THIS Wednesday! 6.27.18
(If it isn't, it's SO not my fault)
2) Mist Village Patches will be here soon! Big Thanks for Mist Vilalger Joe
3) SIGNED Box Sets are now available for both Paperback and Hardback!
4) Book 8 and other projects are coming along great!!!
5) I'll be at DragonCon in 2 months!
6) Kickstarter for Alma Plushies will be coming soon! #AlmaPlushie
7) Over $700 was raised this month with the Gnomes Rule Bumper Stickers! Thank you for helping make this world a better place :)
8) Jeff Kuhl was LYING about Sid Meier. Jeff is now a Blood Enemy of the Mist Village :(

Have a great day everybody! lol



FB Live 6.17.18

FB Live 6.17.18 Summary

1) Happy Father's Day to the funniest, cutest father around, Basil Waine Kong! :)
2) Happy Father's Day to all the other dad's out there
3) Just for today Gnomes Rule is being changed to #DadsRule!
4) Book 7 Audio is SUBMITTED! It takes 1-4 weeks for audible to do their thing, but hopefully it will be there soon!
5) Book 8 and other projects are coming along GREAT!
6) Appearances!
DragonCon 2018
New York ComicCon 2018
JordanCon 2019
7) We raised over $600 for Books for Africa this month :)
6) LAST MONTH we raised over $5000 dollars for Brotherhood Sister Sol, an amazing big brother big sister program in New York. Thank you for helping make the world a better place

Ya'll rock! Peace, Love and the Perfect Margarita!

#LitRPG #Gno- #DadsRule!!!!

ps - Alma plushies on the horizon!

Best Fans in the WORLD!!! :)

Shout out to real life Randy for having the coolest wall in The Land lol


#LitRPG #Aleron #Author #TheLand #ChaosSeeds #GnomesRule #MistVillage

Randy Charles wall.jpg

FB Live 6.2.18

B Live 6.2.18 Summary

1) We have raised $500 for charity this month. Thank you! You're amazing! It goes to Books for Africa, one of the highest rated charities in existence! 
2) If you still want a bumper sticker, you can email me at Richter@litrpg.com and I'll send you one for FREE! You know Aleron comes with the FREE lol. If you buy one here (www.litrpg.com/store) for $5 though, all the money goes to charity! You know Aleron loves charity too lol
3) Last month we raised a MASSIVE Five Thousand dollars for children's schooling :). I have the best fans in literature! Go Mist Village!
4) Nick and I should be submitting Predators to Audible this week! Still on schedule for a June release date!!!
5) Book 8 and a couple other projects are going real well! I'm aiming for two releases before the end of the year!
6) Looks like we may be starting an Alma plushie kickstarter lol. More details to come
7) I'll be at DragonCon at the beginning of September! Where your Mist Village shirts! You can find them here: www.litrpg.com/store
8) I'll be at New York ComicCon at the beginning of October! Where your Mist Village shirts! You can find them here: www.litrpg.com/store
9) The 3rd Annual LitRPG Gala will be happening at DragonCon! More details to come!
10) Animated Wall Papers now FREE on my FB page :)

Lastly, just thank you ya'll! I am so appreciative and thankful for you!

Peace, Love, and the Perfect Margarita!


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TOPIC: Bumper Sticker

TOPIC: Bumper Sticker

So this is the winner :)

Now you know that Aleron comes with the FREE, but he also loves charity... so I'm doing both here lol

You can have this FREE if you like, just email me your address: Richter@litrpg.com

BUT if you buy it for $5, all proceeds will go to Books for Africa, a charity with a 100/100 score on www.charitynavigator.org

To buy just click here:


Either way, Gnomes Rule! Ya'll Rock! Much Love :)

#litrpg #aleron #bumpersticker


FB Live 5.20.18

Welcome to the Mist Village!

I love hearing from my fans so feel free to reach out!

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The Land: Founding is now on AUDIO, you can check out free samples below! You can buy it on Amazon. Just click here: https://tinyurl.com/Book1Audio