Nick Podehl is Amazing!

Nick messaaged me that the audio book is in the last stage and should be up next week.  

He is AMAZING lol

Here is the Prologue and the first few chapters for your listening pleasure!

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So THIS happened lol

What up Mist Villagers! Just got back from sunny Florida. I had some great times, got some great writing done, and killed and cooked this monster... yes... that's all true lol

Nick Podehl has finished Book 1 and I'm sure you've seen its AWESOME from the clips so far. And that's without the professional remastering and the sound effects. This guy is a wizard lol

In addition to working on Book 7, I'm also revamping Books 1-6 to ver 3.0!  It's been in the works for a while, and it'll have some new content, some game mechanic tweaks and just general super fun awesomeness lol

Just wanted to say what's up to all of you and more importantly, let you know HOW much I appreciate your support!!!

You guys and gals are AMAZING!!!

ps - don't forget! There will be a LitRPG get together this weekend at Joystick Gamebar in Atlanta!!!

427 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

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Book Fair

Book 7 is rockin and rollin!

I took a little break, but I'm going strong now lol

I wanted to let you know that if you're in the Atlanta area I'll be at a book fair this upcoming Saturday.

Come by to say what's up and get a signed book :)

I hope everyone's new year is going great!!!


The Land Audio is coming in March!

The Land Audio is coming!

Morning all!

Super excited to say that the audio books are going live again soon!

I have found a wonderful new narrator and I'm ready to reveal :)

Nick Poedhl!  The same narrator as Patrick Rothfuss!  He really brings it to life lol

Book 1 is going to be re-released in March and then another audio book will be coming out each month through the year :)

Thank ya'll for all the support!


LitRPG Meetup


There will be a LitRPG meetup in Atlanta, Ga on March 11th from 2-5 at Joystick Bar :)

Book signings!

Video Games!

Awesomeness :)

Wick Crushed It!!!

What up everybody! :)

I am rocking and rolling on Book 7, but I took a sec to see Wick 2 (don't stone me lol)

So the final score on Aleron's Awesome-O-Meter: 10/10

Neo came correct lol

Awesome action, awesome one liners, and the imagery was... awesome lol

I totally recommend it :)

Now back to work!

Don't forget about the contest
I'm giving away signed books, audio books and ANY tshirt from the LitRPG store

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Review: Powerless

So I'm about to start something new!  
Aleron's reviews of dork stuff!

Powerless: 2/5 Stars

Alright, so as soon as I saw this trailer, I thought, meh, probably not, but hey, it has Abed and "I'm a leaf on the wind" guy.  Let's give it a shot!

They each earned one star for posterity... that's all the stars :(

Sadness has ensued.  

It's about a reasonably cute, sad sac girl and her gumption.

It's not happening :(

It just kinda flows from schtick to schtick and the support characters aren't landing. 

I really hope they pull it all together, b/c I love Alan Tudyck and Dani Tudi.  Maybe if the show is cancelled, Alan and Dani could do a remake of Johnny Quest... I would watch that

February 2017 GIVEAWAY!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
The release went so great! I got into the top 100 titles on Amazon. I still can't believe it :)

I could not have done this without the help of my wonderful fans!

You deserve a thank you lol.

The giveaway this month is going to include TEN Audiobooks! WHHHHAAAAATTTT lol. And the grand prize winner gets a free T-shirt!

I mean it!:

To enter its simple, just post a link to my first book on your FB page. Take a screenshot, and either
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Easy peasy!!!!

Thank you again!

You guys rock

What a great week!

Guys it's been a great week! Thanks so much to my fans for supporting my new book and thanks to my awesome patrons for supporting me as an author and getting the sneak peek chapters. I am blown away by how many of you signed up to get chapters in advance. 

I owe some of you signed copies of my first book. I am signing them now and they'll be in your hands soon! It's pretty surreal every time I mail out books. Even with being on book six, I am just happy you guys like reading them. 

Many, many thanks and as always peace love and the perfect margarita!