FB Live LitRPG 6.24.18

Thank you all for listening as always. You rock! :)
Please invite some friends to check out The Land! 

Now a Summary:
1) Predators Audible should be out THIS Wednesday! 6.27.18
(If it isn't, it's SO not my fault)
2) Mist Village Patches will be here soon! Big Thanks for Mist Vilalger Joe
3) SIGNED Box Sets are now available for both Paperback and Hardback!
4) Book 8 and other projects are coming along great!!!
5) I'll be at DragonCon in 2 months!
6) Kickstarter for Alma Plushies will be coming soon! #AlmaPlushie
7) Over $700 was raised this month with the Gnomes Rule Bumper Stickers! Thank you for helping make this world a better place :)
8) Jeff Kuhl was LYING about Sid Meier. Jeff is now a Blood Enemy of the Mist Village :(

Have a great day everybody! lol