FB Live 6.17.18

FB Live 6.17.18 Summary

1) Happy Father's Day to the funniest, cutest father around, Basil Waine Kong! :)
2) Happy Father's Day to all the other dad's out there
3) Just for today Gnomes Rule is being changed to #DadsRule!
4) Book 7 Audio is SUBMITTED! It takes 1-4 weeks for audible to do their thing, but hopefully it will be there soon!
5) Book 8 and other projects are coming along GREAT!
6) Appearances!
DragonCon 2018
New York ComicCon 2018
JordanCon 2019
7) We raised over $600 for Books for Africa this month :)
6) LAST MONTH we raised over $5000 dollars for Brotherhood Sister Sol, an amazing big brother big sister program in New York. Thank you for helping make the world a better place

Ya'll rock! Peace, Love and the Perfect Margarita!

#LitRPG #Gno- #DadsRule!!!!

ps - Alma plushies on the horizon!