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Hey ya'll. Normally I do a detailed Summary but SOOOO much was said lol

So let me just tell you that The Land: Predators got nominated for a Dragon Award for Best Fantasy novel!
I would really appreciate it if you could take just 30 seconds and register to vote!!!

Either way, thank you for being awesome!

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EBOOK: https://tinyurl.com/AleronReview
AUDIO: https://tinyurl.com/Book1Audio

And here is some new Art :)

Xuetrix by Daniel Pilla!


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We announced the winners of LAND-A-PALOOZA!!!
Every simple Adventurer won something b/c #AleronComesWithTheFREE! lol

The Grand Prize of an entire set of Signed Hardbacks and a Signed Map went to Brendon Brady!!! Congrats dude :)

Now a summary of the rest:
1) DragonCon is coming up. I'll see you there!
2) I'll also be at New York ComicCon and CONjuration
3) Working on Book 8 and hoping for a release by the end of the year!
4) Posters of the new artwork are for sale now on the LitRPG site www.litrpg.com/store
5) I reworked the website, please check it out :) www.litrpg.com
6) Box sets are for sale on the site too!
7) Maps of the Mist Village are in the works!!!!!

Thank you so much for your support ya'll! I am humbled and honored :)

As always, Peace, Love and the Perfect Margarita! lol

~ Aleron


FB Live LitRPG 7.8.18


1) Ya'll rock! The Land: Predators reached #4 in the entire Audible store


2) Hoping to have 2 more releases by the end of the year. I'll keep you posted.

3) Tank tops, cell phone cases and other new gear is on the LitRPG shop Check it out :) www.litrpg.com/store

4) Box sets of The Land are now availabe in the shop as well

5) See you at DragonCon!


TOPIC: Bumper Sticker

TOPIC: Bumper Sticker

So this is the winner :)

Now you know that Aleron comes with the FREE, but he also loves charity... so I'm doing both here lol

You can have this FREE if you like, just email me your address: Richter@litrpg.com

BUT if you buy it for $5, all proceeds will go to Books for Africa, a charity with a 100/100 score on www.charitynavigator.org

To buy just click here:


Either way, Gnomes Rule! Ya'll Rock! Much Love :)

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Book 1 Audio is done!!!

It's done

My amazing audio performer, Nick Podehl, just finished the Audio version of Book 1!

It's off to Amazon then it will be up soon!

Thank ya'll!

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Al's Reviews of Awesome presents: Logan

Al's Reviews of Awesome presents: Logan

10 out of 10!

OMG, its the first movie that has taken me from laughter to sadness this millenium.

It was raw, intense, and brought it all together.

There Will Be Blood and Watchmen had a baby... It's called Logan!

All hail the Jack!!!!

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