FB Live 8.5.18

FB Live LitRPG 8.5.18

1) The Land: Predators is a finalist for Best Fantasy Novel!
Please take 30 seconds to sign up to vote :)

2) Giving away 10 FREE SIGNED copies of The Land: Founding right now lol

3) The 3rd Annual LitRPG Gala is on 9/1/18 from noon-2 at Sidebar Atlanta. Myself, James Hunter, Dakota Krout and other authors will be there. Hope we see you there!

4) Mist Village patches are for sale on the LitRPG site, www.litrpg.com/shop

5) We will be announcing the schedule for LitRPG Authors at DragonCon in a few weeks :)

6) There will be a LitRPG table at Dragon Con 24/7 with awesome exclusive loot!

Stay awesome ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!