My Fans Rock!

I wanted to share some of my other interests with you, to thank you for sharing your time with me :)

So one thing you may not know is that I'm a movie BUFF!  

So today on Al's Review of Awesome we have: The Belko Experiment!

Do you like Hunger Games? How about a version of Hunger Games without a hot chick shooting arrows and absolutely no plot?

Do you like Equillibrium with Christian Bale? B/c this is nothing like that!

You know that Asian kid from Goonies? He's not in it! :)

If all that sounds like your idea of a great saturday night, then have Iiiii got the movie for youuuuuu!

+1 for gore
-1 for the G-rated, Women's Health Magazine "nudity" (nudity being the one thing that might have made this movie more tolerable
+1 for having the mean guy from scrubs
-1 for killing the black guy that way
+1 for the black guy not dying first
+2 for elevator music murder spree montage

3 out of 10 stars!

So basically I'm saying... this one is a maybe...

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