Al Reviews of Awesome Present: Alien Covenant

Al's Reviews of Awesome presents: Alien Covenant

Good Movie!  I have been a fan of the Alien franchise forever.  Literally seen Aliens 20 times lol. I think this was a great addition.  Could have used a bit more darkness and terror, it was definitely more of a sci-fi than a horror, but that's consistent too!

So I give it 8 out of 10 chest exploding gnomes!
+4 for good graphics
+2 for Fassbender who is amazeballs
+1 for good back story
-1 for ending :(
+1 for my love of Aliens! :) 

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Al's Reviews of Awesome presents: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Love it!

Besides the fact that Chris Pratt is my spirit animal, its just fun!

The film editing could have used a little work, but its good stuff overall :)

So I give it 8 out of 10 party gnomes!

+5 for Cast including Captain Ron
 -1 for some forced jokes
+3 for awesome imagery
+2 for Baby Groot!
-1 for Stallone...
+1 for Howard the Duck yay
-1 for Howard the Duck smh

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Reduced Prices on the Gear!

Hello hello!

I have found a better way to make the shirts and it lets me cut the costs! :)

All shirts just $14.99 now :)

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What I think about the Heinekein ad

I like this.  

It seems like most do.  Since the start of the year, I've had three uncomfortable conversations with people.  

All were hard at the time.  Two brought us closer together and made things easier.  Full disclosure, one drove away someone I had known for years.  

I still think I will keep having hard conversations.  I'm learning to listen, which isn't easy for me.  I want to understand myself and others on a deeper level than I've already reached, though.  I want my loved ones, friends and family, to move through life with greater wisdom.  Put simply, I want to be more than what and who I am at this given moment.   

I hate listening lol, but I'm trying.  

~ A

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Nick Podehl is Amazing!

The Book is finally live!

I'm sure ya'll aleady know, but Nick CRUSHED it lol

Here are a few more chapters!

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An Amazing Gift

Thank you to Brad Aldrich

One of my AMAZING readers sent me a special gift.  Sgt Brad Aldrich, of the "Exile 13" Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment, sent me an American flag flown on a combat mission.  

Sgt Aldrich has just made it home safely.

I want to say, thank you for your service sir, and thank you for your support

Al's Reviews of Awesome presents: Rick and Morty Season 3

So, I LOVE Rick and Morty.  

Love it like a pornstar loves penicillin

The opening episode wasn't the best I've ever seen, but it certainly wasn't bad.  

It's the messed up mind games in the show that are only hinted at here and there that make it such a masterpiece in my opinion.  That wasn't really there in the season premiere

So I give it 8 out of 10 pleased gnomes!

+4 for Rick
+2 for Morty
+2 for Hunger Games Summer lol
+2 for Nathan Fillion
-1 for them under utilizing Nathan Fillion (he's Malcolm Reynolds!  He's a damn national treasure!)
+1 messing with us on April fools :)

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Al's Reviews of Awesome presents: Kong - Skull Island

Kong - Skull Island

Woot! 10/10!!!  And not just because the movie was based on me lol

So I went into the movie expecting a monster battle or two.  Basically Pacific Rim, but without the cool guy from SoA ;)

Man!  I was wrong.  The plot, the action, the COMEDY.  This movie was well done and awesome!  Definitely the best Kong movie I've ever seen and probably the best monster movie I've ever seen!

I wholeheartedly recommend this movie ya'll!

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We raised over TWELVE HUNDRED dollars!

You have helped save lives!

You guys rock so hard!  Because of your support and donations, we raised over TWELVE HUNDRED dollars for the Water Project.  
They are a charitable group that builds wells in Sierra Leone, Kenya and Uganda to provide fresh water to those who lack it.  
In 2017 its crazy to think that people dont even have access to this basic necessity of life, but hundreds of millions still dont...

Because of YOU though :)  
THIRTY-SEVEN more people will have access to fresh water than would have otherwise.

So thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for being part of the solution.  

You're Awesome! 

You can follow the construction of this new well through this LINK if you're interested.  :)

My Fans Rock!

I wanted to share some of my other interests with you, to thank you for sharing your time with me :)

So one thing you may not know is that I'm a movie BUFF!  

So today on Al's Review of Awesome we have: The Belko Experiment!

Do you like Hunger Games? How about a version of Hunger Games without a hot chick shooting arrows and absolutely no plot?

Do you like Equillibrium with Christian Bale? B/c this is nothing like that!

You know that Asian kid from Goonies? He's not in it! :)

If all that sounds like your idea of a great saturday night, then have Iiiii got the movie for youuuuuu!

+1 for gore
-1 for the G-rated, Women's Health Magazine "nudity" (nudity being the one thing that might have made this movie more tolerable
+1 for having the mean guy from scrubs
-1 for killing the black guy that way
+1 for the black guy not dying first
+2 for elevator music murder spree montage

3 out of 10 stars!

So basically I'm saying... this one is a maybe...

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