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Grim’ault, the bugbear commander, backhanded one of his torturers.  “You let three of the four kindir die,” he growled, “and you are still no closer to an answer!”

Fir’ot cringed back.  Even though the torturer was still covered in the blood of his victims, he was still cowed by Grim’ault’s fury.  The commander was not known for his patience.  He was known for ripping out the throats of his subordinates when displeased.  It did not help that the commander was being pressured by his own superiors for answers. 

For some time, the leaders of the allied armies had thought there might be a hostile settlement within the mist.  There were many other known enemies that had to be dealt with first however, and valuable resources could not be devoted to a distant section of the forest.  The Forest of Nadria covered over six hundred thousand square miles.  A patch of mist at the northern tip simply did not merit intense scrutiny.  Also, as far as Grim’ault knew at least, an entire company of bugbears tasked to the region had disappeared, including the drow sorceress Modara.  Whatever was within the mists seemed to leave the alliance alone, and it was decided the best course of action was to do the same. 

There were already more than enough enemies to fight.  The sprites of the Hearth Tree had proved to be especially bothersome and the defenses of their settlement were too strong for the current forces of the Basilisk Alliance to overcome.  They were not even the only enemies the forest had to offer.  Wood elves, high elves, gnomes, and various beastkin tribes had been battling the alliance forces for months.  With all of that to worry about, searching the mists had always been a low priority, especially when nearly every scout that entered them had never returned. 

That had all changed ten days ago.  Adventurers in the bugbear army had received a notification that a new Dungeon had been born.  Immediately afterward, a brilliant beam of scarlet energy had shot into the air.  It had come from the heart of the mists.  The emergence of a Dungeon changed everything.  The eyes of the entire Basilisk Alliance had turned hungrily north, and troops had been rerouted to this section of the forest.  What had originally been a shit posting for the commander now offered him the chance to rise within the coalition’s ranks!

That was why Grim’ault was so furious.  It was only luck that had let his patrol see the kindir exiting the mists.  As small as the creatures were, an entire five-bugbear strike squad had been wiped out before the kindir were captured.  And now, his incompetent torturers had killed three quarters of his prisoners without learning their secrets!   Fir’ot was right to be afraid, for the smaller bugbear was about to die.   

Before the commander could unleash his anger though, they both heard something that changed everything.  It was a very distinctive shriek coming out of the torture tent behind them.  Any man or woman would scream in pain when their toes were bitten off one at a time, especially if you gnawed on the bone for a bit before tearing the digit free.  That was the sound of agony.  To Fir’ot, screams of pleading, rage or fear were as distinct as different styles of music.  The torturer had often considered himself a musician of sorts, creating songs of pain. 

What Fir’ot heard now was different.  It was the unique wail of a prisoner’s will being broken.  For torturers, there was no sweeter sound.  The howling screams always had a confused component to them.  It was because the victims did not know if they were more afraid of their captor or more disgusted with themselves.  After decades of presiding over torture tents, the bugbear commander had come to recognize the sound as well. 

Grim’ault held up a hand, and both bugbears walked into the tent.   At his command, one of the other bugbear torturers removed the glowing hot blade he had pressed to a kindir woman’s chest.  The skin stretched between the burning metal and her breasts like taffy.  The half-melted flesh grew thinner until it snapped and two strands of ruined skin were left hanging.  A nipple fell to the ground.  The entire tent smelled of blood, sweat and bodily waste.  The bugbear leader drew in a satisfied breath before pulling a water skin from his bag. 

The commander lifted the kindir’s small head almost gently before letting some water fall into her mouth.  The small woman coughed and sputtered, the liquid almost feeling like acid on her throat.  Her vocal cords were raw and red after a full day of screaming.  Then Grim’ault growled a simple question in common, the ubiquitous language of The Land.  He enjoyed the involuntary shiver his deep voice triggered in the pale, bloodied woman.  “What do you want to tell me?” 

The kindir’s only remaining eye made contact with the commander’s before her head fell in shame and pain.  She began to weep, tears somehow flowing even from her empty right eye socket as well, but her words were still clear.  “It is a potion.”



PLEASE leave a review for the books if you can!  Even a short one OR JUST SOME STARS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE :)

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