Richter’s Specialty

1)     Essence

a.     Purchase Spell Enchantment I: Currently, each Basic Element spell costs 1 Talent Point per spell level.  Each spell level of Deep Magic costs 10 Talent Points per spell level.  Increase this Talent to reduce this cost.  Cost: 50 Talent Points.

i.     Unlocked

1.     Earth

a.     Shockwave

b.     Reduce Mana Cost I: To translate a spell into an enchantment, a mana cost must be paid.  Current conversion cost is 100x spell mana cost.  Increase this Talent to reduce this cost.  Minimum cost, 20x spell mana cost.  Cost: 50 Talent Points

c.      Unlock Spell School: To convert a spell, you must first unlock that spell type.  Base Cost: 10 Talent Points per Basic Element.  100 Talent Points per Deep Magic.  This one time cost cannot be reduced.  Further prices may be required to unlock certain magics. 

d.     Talent Point Conversion: Few Specialties for any Profession are as expensive Essence.  Your increased tie to your soul however offers a unique opportunity.  Essence Enchanters may sacrifice XP to buy Talent Points.  Any reduction in XP will not affect personal level, though threshold for leveling remains the same.  Overzealous Essence Enchanters have found their personal level frozen as they feed their Profession and Specialty.  Conversion rate: 10,000 XP per one Talent Point. 

Richter’s Talents (79 TP)

1)      Enchanting

a.       Increase Enchantment Potential I – Inc enchantment slot by +20%

                i.     Synergy of Items I

b.       Deconstruct Items I -

                i.     Resize Items I

c.       Increase Enchantment Success I - +20% chance successful enchantment

                i.     Faster Creation Time I

                       1.     Soul Bond

                ii.     Fortify Health/Mana/Stamina I - +20%

                       1.     Fortify Char -  +20%

d.     Macroenchantment I

e.       Increase Number of Charges I - +20% number of charges or +20 charges (whichever is more)

                 i.     Increase the Maximum Number of Soul Stones I

                 ii.     Increase Soul Stone Yield I

f.        Increase Enchantment Strength I - +5% Enchant Strength

              i.      Increase Strength Weapon Enchantment I - +10% Weapon Enchant Strength

              ii.      Increase Strength Armor Enchantment I - +10% Armor Enchant Strength

               iii.      Increase Strength Item Enchantment I - +10% item Enchant Strength

2)      Essence

a.       Purchase Spell Enchantment I

              i.     Unlocked

                      1.     Earth

                               a.     Sonic