Richter’s Qualities

1)      Resolute - The choices in your life led you to a critical point. A nexus of opportunities were laid before you, many leading to disaster! You have chosen a finer path! The experiences of your entire life have culminated in this one moment. You have decided not to kneel, but to stand; not to beg, but to take; not to wait, but to forge ahead. Bonus to mental resistance 15%. Bonus to spiritual resistance 15%

2)      Honorable - You chose to save the life of a comrade rather than eliminate a threat. In a key moment, you chose to honor life rather than pursue death.  +2 to Charisma, 3% decrease in critical strike chance and critical strike damage.

3)      Implacable - When faced with the near impossible task of rescuing a Companion from a superior enemy, you did not pause.  When attacking a battle hardened Warrior, you did not flag.  When mortally wounded and kneeling before a sadistic Assassin, you did not succumb.  You have shown that you will conquer whatever is before you, even burning your own head and skin to destroy your enemies!  Your relentless focus and pursuit of chosen goals will be reflected in your skills.  You are awarded Initiate level in the skill Tracking.