Profession Talents - Enchanter

Increase Enchantment Potential I (A1)

-        Increases enchantment slots by +10%

Synergy of Items I (A2)

-        Allows for the creation of items sets.  The base items must have something in common for the enchantments to feed off one another

Identify Enchantment II (A2)

-        Allows the enchanter to identify magical items from a distance.  Can identify more powerful items.

Increase Number of Enchantments I (A2)

-        Allows for a second enchantment to be placed on a single item.  Attempting to create such an enchantment greatly increases the chances of the enchantment failing to take hold in whatever object you are working upon.  All enchantable objects are still bound by the same rules of enchantment size and slots.

Increase Enchantment Success I (B1)

-        Increases chance of an enchantment taking hold by +20%

Faster Creation Time I (B2)

-        Create magic books, scrolls and skill books 10% faster 

Soul Bound Object I (B2)

-        Creates a weak soul bond to your objects.  Only the one bound to a soul bound item can use its enchantment.

Fortify Health/Mana/Stamina I (B2)

-        Enchantments dealing with increasing health, mana and stamina are 20% more effective

Increase Enchantment Strength I (C1)

-        Increases potency of all enchantments by +5%

Increase Weapon Enchantment I (C2)

-        Increases potency of weapons enchantments by +10%

Increase Additional Effect Power I (C3)

-        The additional effects of an enchantment (eg Burning from Fire Damage) are now +10% more powerful.  This will increase both the strength of the effect and the likelihood to overcome the target’s resistance to the effect.

Increase Additional Effect Chance I (C3)

-        The additional effects of an enchantment (eg Burning from Fire Damage) are now more likely to trigger.  Secondary effects are +25% more likely and Tertiary effects are +10% more likely.  You are currently Rank I in Increase Additional Effect Chance.

Common Materials I (C3)

-        When creating items, materials you enspell now have their Enchantment coefficient increased by +25%.  This does not supply more Enchantment slots, but materials that would normally be corrupted or explode when subjected to strong enchantments can now tolerate these powerful forces.  Enchantments are now more likely to take hold as well.  This also allows for less rare materials to be used successfully when creating items.  Increase this Talent to be able to make enchanted items from less rare materials.

Material Potential I (C3)

-        Enchantment Potential is determined by an item’s quality and by the materials used.  Materials you enchant with can now withstand a greater amount of Soul Stuff, increasing the Enchantment slots of items you enchant by +25%.  Increase this Talent to advance this bonus to 50%.

Alter Enchantment I (C3)

-        You may now alter existing enchantments.  This carries the risk of destroying the existing enchantment, item or both.  Purchase further ranks to increase the success of alteration and to allow for greater changes.

Advance in Rank I (C4)

-        Every enchantment you know will be able to be enchanted by you at one rank higher than would otherwise be possible.

Increase Armor Enchantment I (C2)

-        Increases potency of armor enchantments by +10%

Increase Item Enchantment I (C2)          

-        Increases potency of item enchantments by +10%

Increase Number of Charges I (D1)

-        Enchanted items you create have +10% number of charges or +10 charges (whichever is more)

Decrease Required Enchantment Slots (D1)

-        Each rank of an enchantment takes up a specific amount of enchantment slots.  Each rank now requires 10% less Enchantment Points.

Increase the Maximum Number of Soul Stones I (D2)

-        Can use an additional soul stone during enchantment

Increase Soul Stone Yield II (D2)

-        Increases Soul Stone yield by 50%

Macroenchantment I (E1)                       

-        Enchantments may now affect larger areas such as buildings, ships, engines of war, and other grand projects

Building Enchantment I (E2)

-        You can now enchant buildings.  You can create impregnable fortresses or desert homes that generate water.  This Talent allows you to make the desolate bountiful and the impossible commonplace.  Increase this Talent to build grander projects with stronger effects.

Deconstruct Items I (F1)

-        You may now deconstruct enchanted items.  There is a chance of salvaging raw materials

Resize Items I (F2)

-        You can now alter the allowed size of an enchanted item by one rank.  Decreased chance of item being destroyed or enchantment being lost during resizing.

Profession Specialty Talents – Essence Enchanter

Unlock Spell Schools

-        Unlocks various spell schools to convert known spells into enchantments:

o   Basic Element spell schools require 10 Talent Points to unlock

o   Deeper Magic spell schools require 100 Talent Points to unlock

o   Higher Energy spell schools require 1000 Talent Points to unlock

-        Unlocked Spell Schools:

o   Life

o   Earth

o   Fire

o   Air

Reduce Mana Cost II

-        To translate a spell into an enchantment, a mana cost must be paid.  Current conversion cost is 80x spell mana cost

Purchase Spell Enchantment I

-        Basic Element spells cost 1 Talent Point per spell level

-        Deeper Magic spells cost 10 Talent Points per spell level

-        Higher Energy spells cost 100 Talent Points per spell level

Talent Point Conversion IV

-        Can expend Experience Points to purchase Talent Points

-        Conversion: 7,000 XP: 1 Talent Point

-        Penalty to earning XP back: 100% harder