artwork for book 1

I never imagined that I would be able to share my work with wonderful people around the world.  

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Now, without further ado, here is the artwork for Book 1!

Hisako_1 jpg.jpg

hisako, the hearth mother


Though the Hearth Mother has lived for more than a century (we don't know exactly how long and she doesn't exactly like you asking about her age) she is graced with the life sustaining benefits of using Life Magic.  As a Master of Life Place of Power, that effect is greatly magnified.  

She is a woman of power, grace and wisdom.  

All hail the Hearth Mother!

Sion JPG.jpg

Sion of the Hearth Tree

He is a man of deep conviction and emotion.  Sion is guided by his honor, but also his troubled past.  

Death has been the sprite's constant companion, but now that he is the Companion of Richter, friendship just might conquer the rage that dwells within his heart.  

Enemies of the Forest beware, Sion of the Hearth Tree has come!

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And now, more artwork for my wonderful Mist Villagers!


Xuetrix the Imp

Of course, we don't know his True name, but this being was Richter's first contact in The Land.  What we DO know (besides the fact that he's a bit a dick) is that Richter owes him a Favor.  

What we do not know is who employs Xuetrix, his true motivations, and what price he will extract for Richter's naive vow.

Big Red.jpg

Big Red


The would be Master of the Mist Village.  This creature found, or was sent, to the Place of Power Richter has claimed.  Though his bones now lie beneath the ground, will his legacy continue to haunt the chaos seed that slew him?

This next one always seems to surprise people lol

Chaos Seeds Book 1 - Skeeling (JPG).jpg


This blind monster has grown to truly terrifying size, absorbing the magic of a Seed Core.

If nothing else, this monster has shown us that a best friend'will do ANYTHING to get a cheap laugh at your expense lol


And now last, but certainly not least, your favorite Yvevian guard!

Caulder 1.jpg


Sergeant Caulder of Leaf's Crossing.  He has an easy smile and likes a good roll of the dice, he is a seasoned fighter.  Woe betide the rogue (look closely) that thinks he is an easy mark.

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Now, I give you Book 2: The Land: Forging!

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