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New Releases: 5/22-5/28

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Chaxin awakes in a world completely unfamiliar to him. His memories are clouded, except for images of glass and metal. He quickly finds that he's not alone in this new realm. There are others who all arrived just as he did.

Terra Reforma. The virtual game world set in the time period after humanity hit the reset button. A time after the bombs dropped, and before society was able to reform into the tech-driven megacities it consists of now. For many players, the grind of the game is more than just a brief escape from the real world. It's the perfect drug. It's their way into the next rung of society. It's the answer to the question of life. 

Logan Byrne didn’t want to play Reternity Online, but he didn’t have a choice.

Being the Saint of Shadows is murder...
I used to be an ordinary thief, but now I'm the most wanted man in the world's most popular virtual reality game: Dragon Web Online.
A simple quest to shake down a crooked merchant landed me in the middle of a deadly conspiracy. Now I'm on the run from bloodthirsty nightspawn killers, ruthless bounty hunters, and a fanatical priesthood. Did I mention I can't even trust my own brother?
Fortunately, I've got a plan that can save my hide—if it doesn't get me killed.

The Other Side: Book 1 is the beginning of a series of stories that follow Janik in his epic quest to find his sister. He's heard of a guy in the game March on Cretchena, who has been bragging about how he can sever the connection between the bodies and minds of gamers, and it's the closest thing to a lead he's had in months.

Imprisoned and awaiting execution, Nikolay receives an offer: Go on a mission inside the secret, government-controlled virtual world known as Territoria or die.

Within the virtual world, Nikolay enrolls in the mysterious Ravenscroft Academy alongside humans, ogres, faeries and gargoyles. As he continues to explore his new home, Nikolay discovers a conspiracy wrought with inhumane actions, driven by his captors’ boundless lust for power.

New Releases: 5/15-5/21

In the near future, robots have wiped out jobs for ordinary humans. Dashiell, a former tech employee, is one of the many casualties. 

He returns penniless to his mother’s trailer and drowns in darkness. During his struggle, he discovers the Crystal Crusade, a popular VRMMORPG played by over fifty million gamers around the planet.

Strange things are afoot in Travail Online. People like Coral who couldn’t find jobs offline joined Travail so they could grind away at the virtual reality video game and sell in-game items for a bit of real world cash. Travail, however, has just launched new content that turns that premise on its head. 

The much-anticipated second novel in the bestselling Fayroll series. Get ready for more epic battles, legendary artifacts, and incredible quests… As Harriton’s Fayroll articles spark interest and his real world career seems to pick up, he remains a low-level noob in the challenging virtual world of Fayroll. Although he is an incredibly lucky noob. Without breaking a sweat, Harry – a.k.a. Hagen the Warrior – stumbles across one of the most coveted “hidden” quests. He is to save the four Dryad sisters starting with Ogina in the East. As he haphazardly sets out on The Long Road East…

Harrison Harper has hit rock bottom. A promising e-sports competitor, he’s lost everything—his career, wife and kid—to alcohol and gambling. Today, the once famous gamer is but a shadow of his former self, struggling to keep his head out of the water and the loan sharks at bay. Because Harrison is not only broke, he owes a lot of money to the wrong people.

Unable to pay off his debt, he’s sent to spy on a revolutionary game that will make its creator rich beyond belief and forever change the face of the gaming world.

Bran was one of the first to purchase a full immersion Virtual Reality Pod that he calls the Coffin, but over a century later, ironically, he finds himself part of the 1% that does not live virtually. He sleeps in a real bed and eats real food and only jumps into Neuroma to work.

But then a groundbreaking contest within the immersive virtual reality game, Solaria Online, is announced by its visionary creator, a man who has grand plans for the human race. The prize for four lucky winners: recruitment into the Mars Colonization Initiative (and exemption from the draft).

Jax Stone is stranded on an alien planet, a planet that changes him. He now sees pop up windows and receives quests and is being attacked by creatures. Together with his strange companion Kala, they set forth to explore this mysterious new world. They must learn how to play this very real game, or die.

A baptism of fire for a neophyte king.

Resigned to his fate, Robert must adapt to his new role as King of Anika. Expected to cleanse the kingdom of its many festering problems, he starts by trying to gain levels and useful skills.

New releases: 5/8 - 5/14

With the first relic in his possession, Leo Lennox sets sail across the ocean toward the distant city of Tylue in the kingdom of Sanduport.

But when pirates attack the ship carrying Leo, Allurie, and Cornalic to Tylue, the champ finds himself thrust into the middle of a political struggle to determine Sanduport's next ruler. The stakes have never been higher for Leo, and failure to win could mean the death of his new friends.

In the near future, robots have wiped out jobs for ordinary humans. Dashiell, a former tech employee, is one of the many casualties. 

He returns penniless to his mother’s trailer and drowns in darkness. During his struggle, he discovers the Crystal Crusade, a popular VRMMORPG played by over fifty million gamers around the planet.

AlterGate: The First Player by Andrew Novak - In the perilous Wasteland, the drifter Jack finds an abandoned truck, where an old-world game console is hidden. This moment marks the beginning of Jack's path to the lost continent, hidden in the virtual depths of the colossal Alterra. 

Just how will this road end? And it does indeed have an end...

Stuck in an RPG by Dee Stone - Jamie and Evie are still stuck in an RPG called Duriell. After unsuccessfully getting out of the human world of Pardem, they’re off on their next adventure—Andrina, home of the elves.

There are lots of new places to explore, monsters to kill, and items to loot. With each quest they complete, they hope they’re one step closer to finding their way home. 

2 Book Series

Kingdom of Heaven: The Skull Throne by J.A. Cipriano - Enter "iron" Jack Russo. able to drop newbs with a single headshot and the king of online games. At least he used to be before his sister got pregnant, and he had to get a job to help take care of them.

But when a particle accelerator explodes, causing Jack to get stuck in his favorite game “Kingdom of Heaven” he'll have to conqueror Heaven and seat himself on the skull throne. If not, he'll be trapped in the game forever.

Super Sales on Super Heroes by Wiliam D. Arand - In a world full of super powers, Felix has a pretty crappy one. He has the ability to modify any item he owns. To upgrade anything...Sounds great on paper...Almost like a video game.

Except that the amount of power it takes to actually change, modify, or upgrade anything worthwhile is beyond his abilities.

Enter  Super Villain. Throw in Black Market dealings. An improved upon super power for Felix. Super Novel, hello.

War in the Greenwood by Galen Wolf - The game world is at war, the forest burns, and rookie ranger Barcud is the only one with the skills to rescue everything he loves.

Allies are few. Foes are many. And time is short. In this moment of crisis, Barcuf must halt the enemy horde in its track.

3 Book Series

Recent releases: 5/1 - 5/7

A New World: Middle Kingdom by Mike Han - All he found out was that he had signed up for a game he couldn't remember. This began the adventure of him discovering himself and the martial prowess path that he would choose.

A New World: Middle Kingdom reads like the script for a kung fu movie, making room for a fun and entertaining read.

Earth Tactics Advance by Scottie Futch - Imagine a new reality where life is lived as a turn-based, tactical, role playing game.

Feel the horror, and revel in the humor, as battles take place one turn at a time. Can one man survive a world gone tactical? Will he ever understand the need for background music and strange announcer voices?

Gank: A LitRPG Adventure (The Crucible Shard Book) by Skyler Grant - Grant has a strong following and this book doesn't disappoint. Opening with invading Elves dedicated to extinguishing the evil in the southern lands, "by any means necessary" is in full effect. Described as "Brilliant/entertaining/legendary" Gank pushes the series forward.

4 Book Series

Zero God: Awakening by Black Lyte - Upon awakening in a mysterious forest Izack must come to grips with life inside "Guardians of Atmos", an online MMO. In a world that seems straight out of a video game, the hardest lessons will teach him the way of the world in this LitRPG adventure.

This is Our Land by Michael Chatfiled - Austin Zane leaves behind his CEO position with RB Corp to play as Dave , a half-dwarf in the Virtual reality game. And so we enter Emerilia.

5 book series

Lost Archive by Isaac Winter - Winston Beckett is a linguistic scholar, poring over musty manuscripts and ancient translations. That is, before he finds a book of ancient runes. Before people start disappearing.

When he deciphers the strange book, Winston discovers a secret so big it throws him into a different world. 

Hell to Pay: Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko - This offering by Chmilenko gives us new characters, a new different city, but same AO universe. If you're needing a fix for Chmilenko work and can't wait for AO book , check out this book to hold you over.

Thousand Tales: Learning to Fly by Kris Schnee - Combining hard science with games and fantasy, Schnee releases the firth installment. We follow a human turned pegasus, meeting AIs, learning magic and other activites for you to discover. And there is lots of war.

5 Book Series

Eyrth Online (Episode 2 The Los Dos): Memoirs of Lawrence Wrath by Gabriel Rathweg - With the return of a musical playlist that you can listen to as you read, Eyrth Online, Episode 2 broadens the stoner LitRPG world of Epi 1. Follow Law, with his rocking Adonis body and only one life on super hard murder mode thought this next installment.

2 Book Series