Richter's War Leader Skill


Battle Lord I

·        +1 to all base Primary Characteristics for your Champions

Death Disciple I

·        Necromancers in your warband have +1% spell power to Death magic and your entire war party enjoys +1% Resistance to Life magic.

Life Over Death I

·        +1 Damage when fighting Death creatures.

Overwhelming Odds II

·        +30 to Fighting Spirit

Sapper I

·        +5% to Attack vs an entrenched enemy

Slaughter the Innocent II

·        +10 Fighting Spirit for one hour per noncombatant life claimed

Subterranean II

·        +10% to Defense when fighting underground

Vigilant I

·        +5% to Perception of future hidden enemies.  +5% to response time to future surprise attacks

Weakness Equals Death V

·        Champions in your War Party have +25% Attack and Defense vs lower level opponents





Favored Enemy I (goblin)

When fighting goblins …  

·        +20% Melee and Ranged Attack and Defense

·        +12% Magical Strength (all Basic Elements)

·        +8% Magical Defense (all Basic Elements)

Lead by Example:

·        War Leader can adopt the bonuses of any Skilled Position up to rank II

Magical Strength II (Life)

·        +6% strength of Life Magic

Melee Defense III

·        + 15% Defense vs Melee attacks

Movement Speed III (forest)

·        +30% Movement Speed in forest

Power Level I

·        10% of war party’s total experience may be funneled to one member

Ranged Attack IV

·        + 20% more Damage to Ranged attacks 

Ranged Defense II

·        +10% Defense vs Ranged attacks

Skilled Positions:

·        Tank II

o   20% to aggro

o   +10% Defense

o   +5% Defense to any ally within ten yards

·        Scout II

o   +20% to Concealment

o   Can “assign” enemies and entire party will see their level and position

·        Healer II

o   +20% to healing spells

o   First aid and other healing efforts

o   -5% cost to healing

Sphere of Influence I

·        +100% range of Sphere of Influence